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*err is a non-profit association made up of six artists returning to TOPIC, Geneva – where we first met – to reflect on one and a half years of working together and to launch our first publication. In this instance the publication is seen as a durational platform: bringing together artists, other collectives, films, and organised activities to continue using the *err collective toolbox which includes dérive, listening, gardening, mapping, activating spaces, researching, and sharing.

The collective is made up of six art practitioners and researchers currently based in Geneva, Switzerland. Formed in 2016, the collective’s first intention was to initiate a collaborative platform capable of self-generating and self-motivating critical practices and friendships. By investigating the process of becoming many, and the complexities of group ecology, *err means to question how subjectivities, patterns of thought, critical postures, and political positions can be reshaped through the endeavour of working with others.

Keeping in line with the collective’s appropriation of bureaucratic structures and their détournement, *err became an association in January 2017.

The collective currently consists of:
Madeleine Dymond (artist; South Africa), Camille Kaiser (artist, curator; Switzerland), Alexandros Kyriakatos (artist, social worker; Greece), Erika Pirl (artist, dancer; Mexico), David Gregory Rees-Thomas Jr (artist; Hawaii), David Esteban Romero Torres (artist; Chile).