Nelson Irsapoullé – Samiro_a B. Stöckli: New Soma, Part 2

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New Soma: « Desire is not a given truth but a fabricated social field that can be modified under the condition of investing the tools of metaphor and imagination, of poetry and somatic experimental. » Paul B. Preciado
Une écologie nécessaire. A strategy of love and creation. An auto-fictional guidance present dialogue archive for the future. New Soma is an exploration. The quest of 2 allied physical bodies that through links and a connected  mind, intimacy, share radical romanticism of violent cuteness and resist the economic suggestion of love as a product of consumption.
New Soma is about desire as a driving force, pushing to the surface and longing for connection in spite of all learned reason. What are ways that two allied bodies contribute to the communal desire to experience love?

New Soma explores the way of two allied bodies radically committing to the poetical terrorism of finding decolonized love.

About the artists:

Samiro_a B. Stöckli: lives in Bern, Switzerland and Berlin, Germany.

I/They focus on dance and politics since about 2010. I/They created Somata, a free dance practice with electronic music in 2015 for trans, inter, nonbinary people and woman. In 2020 I/they co-founded the association called Somatic Kin and opened a studio for queer_feminist dance, bodywork and movement practice also in Bern. My/Their artistic and performative work is non-academic, DIY, intuitive and flow centered, often improvised and mixed with a queer, _feminist and intersectional perspective.

Individual work:

Somatic Kin:

Nelson Irsapoullé. Based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Multifaceted artist, musician, performer, activist who emerged from the underground experimental scene in Geneva, a.k.a. Fu* a.k.a Nelson Landwerh a.k.a Nelson El Exotico. Their ambition is to collect all their skills to develop and built a strong and empowerful critical discourse.

About the QR code: we will be sharing the spaces in between us. and ourselves. In pictures, words and sound.
From January 18th until February 14th 2021
In cooperation with @espace_topic
Stay tuned!


New Soma, Part 2 has been made possible thanks to fplce, Loterie Romande and Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art.