Hamlet: Due to circumstance

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With Paula Almiron, Eliane Bertschi, Luca Büchler, Asia Dellanoce Naar, Selini Demetriou, Darius Dolatyari-Dolatdoust, Nina Emge, Lara Ferrari, Cathrin Jarema, Dijan Kahrimanovic, Johanna Kotlaris, Laura Lulika & Hang Linton, Carolina Mendonça, Sveta Mordovskaya, Barbara Signer, Ilona Stutz, Lauryn Youden


Hamlet is a non-profit exhibition program and research endeavour and was founded by Andrea Abegg Serrano, Cathrin Jarema and Clifford E. Bruckmann in Oerlikon, Zurich.
Hamlet was founded in 2018 and started its exhibition program in 2019. It is run by co-founders Cathrin Jarema and Clifford E. Bruckmann as well as Danai Rossalidis and Antonia Truninger. Hamlet initiates, hosts and facilitates projects also with changing collaborators and accomplices. In addition, Hamlet‘s self-understanding involves research efforts, especially – but not exclusively – in regards to the urban surrounding of the space itself.
Hamlet‘s focus lies on issues and varying notions of transformation, generational gaps and conflicts, as well as the distribution of property, power and information. Different methods are employed and experimented with in order to support the development and dissemination of knowledge: on one hand, Hamlet uses established formal approaches and tropes and on the other hand attempts to offer a surrounding allowing discourse, experimentation and disruption.
Hamlet is also dedicated to offering less established artist‘s positions early individual presentations in a proto-institutional setting as well as group shows and alternative forms of artistic presentation.


Due to circumstance is a project that was first developed for the online realm.
In this project 18 artists were invited to contribute a work that can be seen as a kind of ritual, score or new habit in order to perform care during these unusual times. On a virtual you could find all the contributions as well as a library of reference material, that was collected by the artists; which was then published starting on the winter solstice on the 21st of December 2020, with everyday showing another piece of work.


For TOPIC in Geneva Hamlet takes this online project and re-thinks it for a real space. In a time when everyone is trying to translate their work into online versions Hamlet wants to go the other way and take this project from the virtual world into the TOPIC space in Geneva. Indeed, it is part of Hamlet‘s mission to keep the space and the work developing within as accessible as possible by removing barriers and directly addressing a wide audience actively.

All photographs by Sandra Pointet

With the support of fplce and Loterie Romande